Business Law

Marc Deshaies is an attorney who has over 30 years of practical experience working in the area of business law. He works with clients to best represent their interests in business and corporate law whether they be “mom and pop” corporations or commercial business entities. Mr. Deshaies has represented businesses and non-profit corporations throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, Plymouth and Barnstable Counties and foreign corporations and entities registered to do business in the Commonwealth.

Marc Deshaies Law can provide timely and cost-effective solutions in business entity formation, contract negotiations and corporate transactions. Whether you are starting a new business entity, need assistance with business planning or corporate maintenance, Marc Deshaies Law can help. Our goal is to look after the business interests of our clients and to ensure that their businesses entities are formed correctly and run smoothly in the future.

Some of the practice areas covered within Massachusetts business law include:

  • Partnership, corporate and LLC formation
  • business planning, organization and corporate maintenance
  • business and corporate law
  • non-profit corporations
  • tax exempt recognition
  • commercial litigation
  • negotiating and drafting contracts

When it comes to business and corporate law in Massachusetts, it is important to work with a firm that can provide you with seasoned advice and representation within the local region. Marc Deshaies brings over 30 years of practical experience to a wide variety of businesses, non-profit corporations and for-profit corporations throughout the Southeastern Massachusetts region. He has worked on many business cases over the years and brings his extensive experience and wealth of knowledge in the areas of business and corporate law to the table for the benefit of is business clients.